Fields of interest

The team of EcoResources is comprised of highly qualified young scientists with a multidisciplinary academic background that fully covers the fields of circular bioeconomy, environmental protection, resource recovery, bioenergy, nanotechnology materials, pharmaceuticals and sustainability. Additionally, our company is supported by academians and scientific experts who are forming the EcoResources external advisory board. Thus, we are in the unique position to conceive, analyse, develop and implement cutting edge ideas and to boost innovation to the maximum level.

Environment and Energy

We design and develop novel tools for process optimization in the fields of liquid or solid wastes, drinking water and green energy. We undertake Life Cycle Assesments (LCA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analyses and specialized studies related to Water or Carbon footprint.

In the context of a circular economy and good housekeeping, waste management, regardless of the source, becomes necessary and mandatory, according to international environmental organizations. For EcoResources, rejecting them is no longer an acceptable solution. Instead, we promote and invest in their reuse, such as the recovery of valuable components, energy etc. As the trend of the future, the company fulfills the need to develop and implement advanced technologies, according to circular economy principals.

The environmental pollution, by both anthropogenic and natural emissions, has limited the available water sources intended for drinking. In addition, ongoing studies on the effects of various pollutants on human health have forced international environmental organizations to reduce their regulation limits for drinking water. EcoResources considers as essential to develop, and then apply, specialized technologies that efficiently remove pollutants, in order to deliver residual concentrations below regulation limit, while not degrading the quality of the water.

Green is any form of energy that is friendly for the environment, humans and generally limits the use of fossil fuels. In this category, in addition to the most commonly considered renewable forms (wind, photovoltaics etc.), there are also more specialized cases. EcoResources undertakes specialized studies and technical reports related to the exploitation of agro-industrial by-products for the generation of green energy. For example, the anaerobic digestion of residual biomass for biogas production is on of the areas in which EcoResources operates.

In-depth characterization of the chemical composition of organic by-products (e.g. total and volatile solids, pH, total nitrogen and ammonia concentration, COD etc.)
Determination of biogas potential from any organic residue (biochemical methane potential, BMP test)
Toxicity tests
Targeted studies for the optimization of the biogas production process
Techno-economic assessments
Life cycle analysis on anaerobic systems

Green chemistry and technology aims in sustainability. But the new trend these two cases have to offer is not to treat a potential problem (such as remediation and pollution control), but to prevent it. Implementing more efficient processes, using safer reagents, avoiding by-products, and minimizing energy requirements are just some of their principles. EcoResources considers the above-mentioned principles for sustainable development important and therefore applies them to any new technology/method developed under its supervision.

The high expertise and strong operational involvement of our experts play a key role in ensuring that EcoResources has wide-ranging knowledge of the environmental impact of its operations and is able to quantify this. Thus, we are in the privileged position to be able to perform tailored sustainability analysis targeting environmental, life-cycle, climate, and other impacts of renewable energy technologies.

Materials and Applications

We develop nanomaterials for environmental and biomedical applications, novel pharmaceuticals and strategies for critical elements recovery in the frame of circular economy​.

The development of materials with their unit dimensions lying in the nanoscale represents the most significant sector of the rapidly rising nanotechnology. EcoResources invests in the design and incorporation of nanomaterials in the field of biomedicine but also in more traditional technology fields such as the treatment and purification of drinking water and exhaust gases. In addition, EcoResources optimizes methods for their synthesis starting from low-cost raw materials, their recovery after use and their reuse. In this frame, EcoResources collaboration with research organizations resulted in the invention of two innovative products based on inorganic nanoparticles, oriented to the removal of heavy metals from water and the localized release of heat and drugs on cancer tissues, respectively. The products are protected by corresponding patents (ES2621190, GR20170100132) being tested in laboratory scale towards their commercial exploitation.

Production and consumption rates in the EU drive an environmental and geopolitical crisis of resource scarcity and waste production; the mining of minerals and metals from the Earth produces annually vast amounts of by-products and wastes. In a circular economy, waste that can be recycled is injected back into the economy as secondary raw materials. These materials can be traded and shipped just like primary raw materials but, at present, they still account for only a small proportion of the materials used in the EU. EcoResources is targeting to the core of this issue by investing in oriented research on this particular field. In close collaboration with mining companies, EcoResources is re-examining their waste streams as potential sources of alternative products while minimizing the environmental footprint and ensuring an enhanced dialogue framework between industry and society.

With the advent of nanotechnology into the pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical field, the novel field of nanomedicine was born. Due to their unique properties in terms of size, conformation and targeted delivery, nanomedicines are able to overcome many drawbacks of conventional medicine. As nano-sized formulations have made their way into more and more therapies, it has become clear that these very unique properties create hurdles for nanomedicines in successfully traversing the regulatory pathways and there is a need to develop nanomedicines, as well as cosmetics with bioactive ingredients (cosmeceuticals) in a more controlled and consistent fashion.

Ecoresources, utilizing the elements of a quality by design (QbD) enables the development of nano-based formulations (pharmaceutical and/or cosmeceutical) in a way that maximizes the possibility of success.

Securing a sustainable supply of raw materials is a key priority for the EU. Raw materials, such as metals and minerals, have become increasingly important to the EU’s economy, growth, and competitiveness. Even if we recycle better and more, primary raw materials will continue to play an important role in the economy. EcoResources holds a strong academic and research background in the whole chain of the raw materials production chain: exploration, evaluation, validation, production and operation management. Moreover, special attention is given by EcoResources to Critical Raw Materials (CRMs) sector, which are those elements that are economically and strategically important for the economy but have a high risk associated with their supply. It is important to note that these materials are not classified as “critical” because they are considered scarce; rather, they are classified as such because they have a significant economic importance for key sectors in the economy, such as consumer electronics, environmental technologies, automotive, aerospace, defense, health, and steel.

Project Management

We support upscale of processes to high TRLs, submission of scientific and technical proposals, coordination of research actions and organization of conferences.

EcoResources provides integrated support in local and international scientific conferences, workshop meetings and events including host and technical facilities, secretariat services, financial, registration and accounting services, communication with participants, program and invited speakers management and conference material preparation. In addition, EcoResources may assist promotion and sponsorship, design and maintenance of web site and social media accounts as well as the set-up of exhibitions and social events (gala dinner, excursions, tours). The long experience and specialization of our human resources in similar events with academic and scientific interest guarantees perfection and success.

We provide full packages of proposal consulting and projects administration for a wide range of scientific and competitive programs financed by national or international public funds and the private sector. EcoResources may locate, communicate and organize a network of partners best-fitted to the needs of each call. Our team will boost proposal by advising, managing and completing the submission fields. After acceptance, it provides consulting, administrative and project management services to ensure successful implementation of the scientific and financial deliverables, investigation for patent granting and commercial exploitation.

EcoResources through its multidisciplinary expertise is able to assist to the development of projects of the public and private sector organizations by offering a wide array of services and expertise in areas not only related to engineering and science, but also in economic sectors such as energy, resource development, environmental protection, and manufacturing. The solutions and service EcoResources provides, include pre-feasibility and investment studies, social-impact and environmental-impact studies, preliminary and final designs for construction or engineering work, supervision and inspection of construction work including on-site project management, technical assistance/advice and asset-management studies.

EcoResources, with the collaboration of its network academic and industrial partners, is able to determine the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) of a method/technology/procedure during Technology Readiness Assessments (TRA) that examine concepts, requirements and demonstrated capabilities.

As a novel technology progresses through TRL1 to TRL9 the risk associated with successful commercialization is reduced, so it is of great importance for new inventions to progress gradually and safely through these levels. EcoResources is capable to plan, manage and implement projects regarding TRL upscaling from TRL1 to commercialization providing personalized assistance to inventors and technology managers.


EcoResources has access to high-quality advanced facilities in Greece and abroad to provide high-quality and accurate measurements.

EcoResources is in position to provide detailed analysis concerning crystal structure, nanoscale and microscale morphology, thermal, optical and magnetic properties, localized elemental analysis and surface parameters. Solid samples may include technological materials, powders, thin films, sludges, wastes, minerals. Particularly, a complete or partial resolution of these features can be conducted by means of X-ray diffraction (XRD), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM, HRTEM, EDS), Scanning electron microscopy (SEM, FESEM, EDS), Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Thermogravimetric/Differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), Vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and X-ray absorption techniques (XAFS).

EcoResources has the ability to perform full physicochemical characterization on liquid samples, such as wastewater, water, etc. The following is a list of available technical specifications:

  • Flame atomic absorbtion spectroscopy (FAAS)
  • Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GAAS)
  • High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • Ultraviolet–visible spectroscopy (UV-VIS)
  • Total organic and inorganic analyzer (TOC)

EcoResources undertakes microbial analyses of various bioprocesses (e.g. anaerobic digestion, fermentation etc). We exploit next generation sequencing and -omics technologies to deliver tailored analysis based on your specific needs. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.  

Ecoresources, utilizing the elements of a quality by design (QbD) enables the development of nano-based formulations (pharmaceutical and/or cosmeceutical) in a way that maximizes the possibility of success.

International Conference on Raw Materials and Circular Economy
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